श्रीमान के हुनर और व्यवहार कुशलता को सलाम

Pavan kumawat

Govt servant
Very good services. I m very happy after visiting it.good nursing care n reasonable price.during corona pandemic full services available n taking so much precaution for that. Full sensitization nd ppe kit was using in hospital. Thank u so much for all ...

Seema Gupta

Consultant Gynecologist , JDH
The techniques which Sunil & Santdeep Sir taught were very much refined and were practical. They do not confuse us while teaching so many techniques. They do every case similar and it looks like it’s a revision of the previous one for all of us in the last 6 days.

Dr. V.K. Anand

Consultant, Micro ENT Hospital
Dr. Santdeep Paun is the greet teacher, down to work, humble and friendly. Dr. Sunil Tanvar is the best ultimate teacher, respectful and a good coordinator, manager and good surgeon

Dr. Ghafoor Shah Sarwan

So happy I found dr. Sunil Tanwar ! I was really suffering from the Flu which caused severe pain & pressure in my ears and throat. Dr.sunil Tanwar was patient , kind, and understanding . can't wati to see him again!

Ram Lal

Happy Patients
I am very impressed with dr sunil tanwar i left my appointment with a not rushed feeling.he took the time to explain everything he was doing and options for my treatment . I had a very good first experience at this practice, and I would definitely make a recommendation I felt the hospital staff specialy reception staff Ms EKTA and Jyoti she is very accommodating and welcoMing and the doctor was knowledgeable thanks Jaipur doorbeen hospital

Manoj Saini

Happy Patients