19 February, 2022




World Health Organization (WHO) has defined anemia in pregnancy as the hemoglobin (Hb) concentration of less than 11 g/dl.

Symptoms- weakness,easy fatiguability ,weakness ,palpitation, giddiness,    swelling in legs, decrease appetite, abnormal desire to eat substances (such as chalk or ashes)etc.

Investigations- first mostimportant test CBC & peripheral blood smear to see severity and type of anemia. Other tests- stool for ova & cyst,  Nestroft& HPLC for thalassaemia , serum ferritin & serum iron levels for iron deficiency anemia, serum folate level and serum B12 for megaloblastic anemia and other test according to patient history & examination.


Iron deficiency anemia-

  • Consumption of iron rich foods like Dark green leafy vegetables (like spinach,fenugreek etc.), beans,dried fruits (almonds, cashew, dates etc),sprouts,jiggery, red meat, pork and poultry &seafood etc.
  • Cook food in iron utensils.
  • Medical therapy- according to Govt.of India 2018 guideline deworming of all woman after first 3 months of pregnancy by tab.albendazole 400mg stat. IRON can be given in oral or parenteral form according to patient history.
  • Iron tablet should be taken with lemon or orange juice not with milk ,tea or coffee and not with calcium tablet.
  •  Iron should be supplemented with vitamin c & folic acid.

Blood transfusion required in severe anemia at any gestation of pregnancy, if pregnancy is near to due date and Hb is less than 8 or in case of acute blood loss etc.

Megaloblastic anemia- If serum folate level is less than 2.5ng/ml give tablet folic acid 5mg/day, continued till one month post-delivery. If the B12  level is less than 150mg/l give in. Hydroxycobalamin 1000mcg for 7s day f/b weekly for 4 weeks  f/b monthly injection.

Rest all anemia should be treated accordingly.

If you have any symptoms of anemia as listed above,you should meet your doctor as early as possible so that anemia can be treated timely. If you not consult, many complication can occur to mother and baby.