Treatment for Heavy Bleeding in Jaipur

Do you experience excessive menstrual bleeding during your periods? Are you searching for the best treatment for heavy bleeding in Jaipur? Menorrhagia or the heavy bleeding can be referred to as the condition where the menstrual bleeding in the female lasts for a period of more than 7 days. Although most women do not experience too much blood loss during their menstrual cycle. But the women who experience prolonged or abnormally heavy bleeding might find it difficult to perform the routine activities due to cramps and excessive blood loss which makes them anemic. Such a condition affects the normal health of females as they feel weak and tired all the time.

How can it be detected that a woman is having bleeding that is more than the normal limits? Changing pads/ tampons every two hours or the passing of large clots during bleeding is a clear indication that the female is suffering from this problem. Our expert gynaecologists who provide treatment for heavy bleeding in Jaipur primarily look for the major symptoms so that they can diagnose the problem. Although Anemia, fatigue, tiredness, and shortness of breath are the few symptoms that women experience but some commonly observed symptoms of the problems as identified by the experts are as follows:

Heavy Bleeding Treatment in Jaipur
  • Bleeding for more than a week and passing of blood clots that are large in size
  • Changing more than one sanitary pad or tampon every hour
  • Double sanitary protection especially during the night hours
  • Inability to perform routine activities due to heavy blood flow

Although the actual cause of the heavy bleeding might be unknown but different kinds of gynaecological conditions may be responsible for the occurrence of the problem. Such conditions include hormonal imbalance, polyps, uterine fibroids, dysfunction of the ovaries, different types of gynaecological cancers like cervical cancer and uterine cancer.

Get the best treatment for heavy bleeding in Jaipur by the team of top gynecologists

We adopt a comprehensive approach for heavy bleeding treatment in Jaipur which involves the combination of both medications and different types of surgical procedures. The major tests that our experts recommend to the patients involve a blood test, ultrasound, pap test, and the endometrial biopsy. The blood test helps reveal the deficiency of iron due to conditions like anemia along with other disorders associated with thyroid gland and blood clotting abnormalities. The Pap smear test is conducted to know the possible causes of infection, inflammation and the changes in the cervix that are taking place. Cervical cancer can also be a reason for heavy menstrual bleeding. On the other hand, endometrial biopsy helps in the examination of uterus health and any major disease that affects the endometrium. Sonography and ultrasound images are advised to examine the overall health of the reproductive organs such as pelvis, uterus, and ovaries.

In addition to this, based on the outcomes of the initial tests, our gynae doctors suggest the patients' surgical procedures such as hysteroscopy and sonohysterography. In the hysteroscopy procedure, a complete examination of the uterus is done with a thin instrument such as a hysteroscope that passes through the vagina and then the cervix and provides a clear view of the inside of the uterus. Apart from this, the success of the treatment also depends on multiple factors such as the previous treatment taken, the medical history of the patient, the current condition and the major cause behind the occurrence of the problem. Lifestyle and eating habits also have a role in the success of the treatment for heavy menstrual bleeding.

The treatment for heavy bleeding in Jaipur is required to be taken on an urgent basis without wasting time because the prolonged and excessive bleeding can lead to severe medical conditions such as anemia. This is because excessive menstrual bleeding results in a loss of red blood cells that performs the function of carrying oxygen to the tissues. Therefore, our gynaecologists suggest that females should not ignore symptoms such as fatigue, pale skin, and the weakness which might occur due to prolonged bleeding. Moreover, if the bleeding is accompanied along with severe cramps then it becomes all the more important to get timely treatment for the problem.