Weight Gain During Pregnancy

29 March, 2022

Weight Gain During Pregnancy

Total weight gain during the course of pregnancy for a healthy woman is averages 11kg. This has been distributed to 1kg in first trimester and 5 kg each in second & third trimester of your pregnancy.


Weight gain during whole 9month of pregnancy [according to BMI of women in pre pregnant state]-


•             For normal BMI (18.5-24.9kg/m2) women -11-16 kg

•             For low BMI (≤ 18.5kg/m2) women - 13-18 kg

•             For high BMI (≥25kg/m2) women - 8-11kg


What is the importance of weight checking at every ANC visit?


•             Periodic and regular weight checking is of importance to detect any abnormality.  Single weight checking is of little value. Maternal nutrition and weight gain during pregnancy is directly related to your baby weight.


•             Rapid gain in weight of more than 0.5kg a week or more than 2kg a month in later months of your pregnancy may be the early manifestation of high blood pressure.


•             Stationary weight gain may suggest fetal growth restriction.


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